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To find the highest buyback prices for your used Dvds, just enter the UPC number for any Dvd above. The UPC is usually found on the back of the Dvd, near the barcode.  This is just a price comparison tool.  We do not monitor customer service or shipping reimbursements for these websites. Also keep in mind some of these values may represent trade-in value instead of cash.

Dvdhunt helps you sell your Dvds for the highest price.  It compares prices from the leading Dvd buying websites so you can rapidly find the website that is paying the most for your Dvds. The prices these websites offer can vary greatly, and it is difficult and time consuming to check each site manually.  Now you can simply enter the DVD's UPC number in the search box above, and we'll search all of the top sites.  Finally you can easily see exactly where you can get the top dollar for your used Dvds.
If you notice something peculiar, have feedback, or have an additional Dvd buy back website to include, let me know. If you have a website that buys Dvds, and you would like to add or remove your prices on Dvdhunt.com please contact me.  I would like to include as many online Dvd companies as possible.